Nuvita with Jen. :)

It feels so good to change after work.


"I have nothing to wear" = “I can’t find the 5 shirts I wear under the piles of clothes I never wear but refuse to get rid of."


Animals that look like toasted marshmallows are just the greatest. 


Buns can be toasted marshmallows


And so can cats.


Dogs can also be toasty marshmallows..






Oh my god. THE FLOOF.




Toasted marshmallows everyone.

Don’t know where to go for break bc of the carnival ughhhh.

sam tsui // wildfire

Sooooo I slept for a couple hours and just woke up. Not so cold anymore. Still feel gross. I don’t know.

A thought is a hard thing to control.
Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Soo I left Archie’s and tried to find stuff for the camp carnival for tomorrow but couldn’t find anything worth spending the money they cost on and I don’t even care at this point bc at some point I started to get super cold and yeah it’s cool out but not that cool and I tried to visit one more store and walked in and directly out bc I couldn’t handle the cold and I blasted the heat in my car and even though I could feel it burning my skin I still had chills and my throat hurt when I swallowed bc I was dehydrated and it still hurts a bit and I had a scary thought on my way back home (that I’m grateful seems scary to me) and I feel like crying for no reason and I want to sleep but I can’t

How well do you know the hockey blogger?


Answer these questions in my ask box and see how many points you get out of fifteen!

Favourite Team:

Favourite Forward:

Favourite Defenceman:

Favourite Goalie:

Least Favourite Team:

Least Favourite Player:

Favourite GM:

Guilty Pleasure Player:

How Long Have I Been a Fan:

Have I Ever Been to a Game:

Favourite Hockey Movie:

Have I Met Any Players (if so who):

Favourite National Team (Olympics):

Is My URL Hockey Related (if so what does it mean/stand for):

Favourite Coach:

If no one’s here by 6:30 I’m leaving…

So we’re going to Archie Moore’s instead of BWW and this is weird.
No ones gonna find parking lol 1. I know a “secret” parking garage and 2. I got lucky bc it filled up right after I parked

Lol Quizup are you even trying

My boss is the best. She made us cupcake brownies with Oreos and peanut butter inside.

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